I've seen misleading headlines like this about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a million times this election cycle, but this time feels different. I mean, just look at Hillary's face in this picture. Looks serious, huh?

We've all seen them. The headlines that say "Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to see this " or "This Video Will End Hillary's Campaign." Most of the time it's just a selectively edited group of clips presented out of context with no real punch, and plenty of unproven claims. Something feels different about this one though.

Now, I don't want to get into the game of telling you who to vote for, that's your decision to make. However, there's been a lot of focus on the latest batch of leaked emails from Wikileaks, and they're kind of hard to ignore. Instead of telling you what was said or taking things out of context like most outlets are doing, we'll just let you read these ones that could end her campaign and draw your own conclusions. You guys, these are really bad, but that fifth one thoroughly explains everything... and I do mean everything. The sixth one too.

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