Get ready for a badass AC/DC tribute show at The Machine Shop with Thunderstruck.

Listen for your cue to call starting Tuesday on the 4:20 Hit of the Day and score yourself a pair of tickets to see Thunderstruck on Saturday, September 8th at The Machine Shop. Take in all your favorite AC/DC tunes along with Psychotic Paradise, a Tesla tribute band.

Maggie will be back in action on Tuesday after the long Labor Day weekend and hooking you up. The 4:20 Hit of the Day, presented by Two Steps Higher, Your Old School Head Shop.

If you have not seen Thunderstruck before it is worth your time to come to check them out. The Banana Crew will be on hand starting at 7 pm when doors open. If you don't when tickets, you can still purchase them for just $15 in advance. Click here for tickets or be tuned in and ready on Tuesday.


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