If the winner of a million-dollar Powerball ticket doesn't come forward and claim their winnings soon, they're gonna be screwed.

According to ABC12, a lucky player matched the five white balls -- 41-53-59-63-66 -- in the Oct. 3, 2018, Powerball drawing to win $1 million. The ticket was purchased at the Speedway gas station at 10070 Highland Road in Hartland.

Since Powerball tickets expire after one year, they only have until Thursday (Oct 3) to claim their winnings.

It's crazy to think someone in Michigan is a millionaire and they don't even know it. There's no way they've been sitting on it all year long and are simply keeping quiet, I don't think anyone has the power to do that. I'm guessing it got tossed in the garbage some time ago.

If no one claims it, the money will be given to Michigan's School Aid Fund.

If you bought a ticket at the Speedway mentioned above, you better start looking for it now because the clock is ticking.

If you have the winning ticket contact the Michigan Lottery at (517) 373-1237.