Tonight's Michigan Lottery Powerball jackpot is $550 million dollars. Can you even imagine winning that kind of cash? I sure can, trust me - I would make an excellent rich person.

If you did not buy a ticket for tonight's drawing, you still have time. The winning numbers will not be revealed until shortly after 11:00 PM tonight. With a jackpot this size, you would be crazy not to buy at least one ticket. Sure, the odds of either one of us actually winning is super slim, but we can't win - if we don't play.

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With lottery jackpots so large lately, my winning $200 dollars 15 years ago on a scratch off does not seem like such a big deal anymore. I still remember getting three lottery tickets for my birthday. The first one I scratched - no winner. I scored $2 dollars on the second ticket, and finally on the third ticket, I won big - $200 dollars. I was jumping up and down like a crazy person. Don't get me wrong, I would take that amount any day of the week, but winning millions of dollars is life changing money.

What is the most you have ever won playing the lottery and how? Was it a scratch off too? Or Keno, or playing daily lottery numbers? I also wonder if I would tell the world I won millions, or remain anonymous? Who am I kidding, I have too big of a mouth - everyone would know I won.

Seriously, if you are still reading this - go get a ticket. If you win, I'll be your best friend.

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