A Florida woman was recently arrested for cocaine possession after she was pulled over by Fort Pierce police.

After being pulled over for swerving, 26-year-old Kennecia Posey was asked to roll down her window. The police officer immediately smelled marijuana so they decided to search the vehicle. According to Local10, during the search, the officer found cocaine and marijuana in separate bags inside a purse that Posey had on her lap. She did admit the weed was hers, but how she claims the cocaine ended up in her purse is a different story. She said this to the officer: "I don't know anything about any cocaine, It's a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse."

I can only imagine the kind of excuses police hear every day but this has to be on the top of the list of dumb ones. You have to admit, it's pretty damn funny though.

Hey, maybe she's telling the truth and a bag of cocaine really did blow through her window and into her purse. I mean, after all, it was a windy day.

Now I get why they call it "blow."


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