The award for the worst roundabout in Genesee County goes to...

Roundabouts are being constructed all over the place nowadays. For the most part, they are pretty useful and keep the flow of traffic moving. However, there are some out there that seem like more trouble than what they are worth.

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Over the last 10 years, roundabouts have been increasing in numbers across the state. In the Genesee County areas, we now have them on Bristol Road, Grand Blanc Road, Hill Road, and more. One of them has become more of a pain than the others.

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One of the first and largest roundabouts in Genesee County is located on Bristol Road at I-75/US-23. In my opinion, this is also the worst roundabout around. Honestly, I would love to see that turned back into a traffic light intersection. To be clear, it is not the roundabout itself that I have a problem with, it is the people that treat the roundabout as Thunderdome.

If you are traveling toward that roundabout between noon and 6 pm, good luck Jack! I've seen lines of cars backed up a quarter mile waiting for their turn to proceed. People still don't know how to drive through them. Since this particular spot is a two-lane roundabout, it makes it all the more confusing, and the number of unexpected swerves and lane changes I see every day is crazy. You have to keep your head on a swivel to make sure other drivers don't come barreling into you.


Maybe it is just the old bitter man that I have become that enrages me about this or are you just as frustrated as I am about bad roundabout drivers?

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