I'll start by saying I'm really happy that a roundabout is going in on the corner of Hill and Belsay roads. I'd be lying though if I said it wasn't a big pain in my ass. 

When I first heard about the roundabout, I really didn't think the detour would really be a big deal. I didn't think about how far out of my way things including work would be. If you're running late for something and you have to take a detour, you're definitely screwed.

The other day I drove through one of the nearby neighborhoods to try and figure out a shorter route and I couldn't believe how fast people were driving especially near Myers Elementary School. People were flying through those streets so I can understand why people are stressing out over all the traffic through there. I get you may be in a hurry but you gotta slow it down down, there are so many kids outside playing and riding their bikes.

According to ABC12, The project is scheduled to be complete by July 31.