If you have plans to head out of town for the upcoming Fourth of July, leave now.

Beginning tomorrow Michigan roads are going to be insanely busy. AAA has released the dates and times of the worst time to travel by car. Take note, and save yourself the risk of delays and the aggravation of stop-and-go traffic.

The Genesee County Road Commission shared AAA's worst time to travel information on its Facebook page,

Surprisingly enough, Saturday and Sunday are not even mentioned above. Hitting the road Saturday or Sunday morning may be great options too.

If you have no patience for hiccups along the road when traveling during a holiday weekend, you might want to consider staying home. My prediction is the roads will be busy starting tomorrow through July 5th.

What did people do during traffic jams before cell phones? Play I Spy or talk to each other?

All kidding aside, if you do find yourself stuck in traffic over the Fourth of July holiday, be sure to tell your kid(s) that there was a time (the old days) when you could not watch movies in a car during a road trip.

When you do hit the road, be sure to take Michigan's favorite road snack with you. Here is to a safe and Happy Fourth of July.

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