This sounds like an episode of 'Bizarre Foods' with Andrew Zimmerman on the Travel Network. A restaurant and brewery in North Carolina are serving up a lot of weird dishes during their 'Exotic Meat Month', including a Tarantula Burger. WTF?
Along with the Tarantula Burger' guests at Bull City Burger and Brewery can also dine on scorpions, pythons, and boar. I have a feeling we are not in a McDonald's anymore. Surprisingly enough this has been going on for 3 years and customers love it. As a matter of fact, patrons that want to eat the creepy-crawly burger have to enter a raffle for $30. If your name is selected, you have 2 days to respond and make your appointment time to come in. If you do indeed finish the 'Tarantula Burger' you get a T-shirt and bragging (barfing) rights. Would you eat a 'Tarantula Burger'? You can watch a woman eat one in the video below.

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