Full disclosure, I have been vaccinated. I am not judging you if you have not been.I do however laugh when people that drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes tell me and I quote 'I don't know what is in the vaccine, I am not putting it in my body'. Okay, that makes zero sense to me.

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Nonetheless, it is a choice to get vaccinated - or is it? Here are just a few companies that have already or are in the process of mandating the covid vaccine for their employees,

  • McDonald's
  • Amtrack
  • Citigroup
  • CVS Health
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Walmart

Again, that is just a few of many. Also, each company listed may not require ALL employees to get the vaccine, but pretty darn close. That being said, what are your thoughts on being told to get the vaccine? On the other hand, if you are already vaccinated would knowing that your co-workers are vaccinated too ease your mind?

I have asked a few non-vaccinated people what they would do IF by chance they were told by their employer that they must get vaccinated. I got the same answer back from all of them - I will deal with that if and when it becomes an issue. Fair enough.

We can 'what if' anything and everything until we are blue in the face, I am just curious. I can't see leaving your job over it - but maybe you can and will if the time comes.

Here's to hoping it does not have to come to that.

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