Technically, I think you're a piece of crap if you assault anybody but for the issue at hand, someone that is transgender.

Today I came across a story about an Ann Arbor man that is facing several charges after he allegedly assaulted a woman for being transgender. This guy didn't just make a few insulting comments, no, he violently assaulted this person.

According to WDIV,  James Greggs, 59, allegedly assaulted a transgender woman on June 8. Officials accuse Greggs of cutting the woman with a box cutter, hitting her in the face, strangling her and grabbing her breasts “in an effort to humiliate her.”

After I read what had happened, I was so disgusted. WTF is going on in this world? How does someone being transgender bother someone so much that they feel they need to lash out and become violent? It makes no sense to me. It's a hate crime that is equivalent to assaulting someone simply because of the color of their skin.

I got even more pissed off when I was reading the comments on WDIV's Facebook page and some people were almost siding with this lunatic? One lady commented, "Anyone that would portray one gender& turn out to be another is wrong." Are you freaking kidding me? I can't believe this is how people think. It doesn't give anyone the right to violently assault another human being.

We are all human, every single one of us. It's time we start treating people with the respect they deserve. You may not agree with someone's choices on how they live their life, but ya know what? It's none of your business and it doesn't affect your perfect little world whatsoever.

If you think what this guy did was okay, you need help and I feel sorry for you.

This concludes today's rant, now go and do something nice for someone.

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