EVERYBODY PANIC!!!  Zombie Apocalypse coming up at 11.

So all sorts of great stuff happens in South America.  They have awesome weather, the whole Carnival thing, and I'm pretty sure all the women have nice asses.  But now, they have Zombies.  Or at least Zombie Ants.  CNN ran the original article, talking about the discovery of "Zombie Fungus" which effects the brains of ants, causing irrational behavior and death.  The report didn't say anything about brain eating, but it did say

The so-called zombie or brain-manipulating fungi alter the ant's behavior and causes it to die in an exposed position, typically clinging to and biting shrub leaves, the study says.

I'm personally all for Zombies in South America.  As a matter of fact, that might be a million dollar movie idea.  Somebody call Keanu Reeves, Michael Rappaport, and Megan Fox!