Alter Bridge / Creed drummer Scott Phillips recently put estimated times on the various collaborations, solo projects, and albums that he and his bandmates are working on.

It is no big secret that Alter Bridge have been planning a hiatus in order make room for Creed in 2012. While the rest of his band is off working with Scott Stapp, frontman Myles Kennedy will join Slash for his second solo album -- on which Kennedy will serve as the sole vocalist.

Amidst the Carnival of Madness tour, The Fay Observer recently caught up with the drummer for both Creed and Alter Bridge and asked how the band keeps everything coordinated:

"Right now, we try to plan a year out with Creed reformed. But we're also continuing with Alter Bridge. Everything goes on a calendar now. Scott [Stapp] is going to do a solo thing. It's challenging; it takes a commitment to do both and a lot of advance planning. So far, we've been fortunate that it's all worked out. We've got a few more weeks on this tour, then we'll recharge for bit before heading to Europe for some shows...Myles [Kennedy] is working with Slash next year, while we'll be working with Creed next year. Then we'll have some tours, and then come back as Alter Bridge. Look to 2013 for new material."

That's pretty far to be planning ahead, but like the man said -- everything goes on a calendar. The remaining tour dates for the Carnival of Madness tour are as follows.

09/13 - Charlotte, NC @ Time Warner Cable Uptown Amphithatre
09/14 - Fayetteville, NC @ Crown Coliseum
09/16 - Tulsa, OK @ Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino
09/17 - Poplar Bluff, MS @ Black River Coliseum