British metalcore act Bring Me the Horizon were addressing their dislike for water bottles that were thrown at them when members of the audience rushed on stage and attacked vocalist Oli Sykes.

Bring Me the Horizon were playing at a club called In The Venue in  Salt Lake City, Utah last night (Oct. 3rd) when all hell broke loose. According to reports from NME, there had been some back and forth between audience members and singer Oli Sykes over water bottles being thrown at the stage. Oli retaliated by throwing some sort of liquid into the crowd and yelled:

"If you don't like our f---ing band, then go home. Get the f--- out of here!"

Shortly after that statement, a few audience members rushed the stage and went after the frontman. The scuffle was rather swiftly and Sykes escaped with no major injuries. The band took a half hour break and then returned to the stage to finish their set. Check out the brawl for yourself in the fan shot videos below.