New Condoms Let You Brag Online About Using Them
You’ve probably heard of the social media check-in site Foursquare. All those “I’m the mayor of Burger King!” posts can be annoying, but there’s another site whose updates may be far more interesting — because it lets you report where and when you last had safe se…
Introducing The Beer Can Guitar Amp [VIDEO]
Apparently some brilliant maniac has combined both of our favorite things into one conveniently portable package. Ladies and gentleman we present you with the future of alcoholism/guitar amplification -- the beer can guitar amp.
Go ‘Back to the Future’ With Official Marty McFly Hoverboard
Twenty-three years ago, as ‘Back to the Future, Part II’ first hit theaters, kids everywhere got their first look at a toy from the future.  It was the Mattel Hoverboard, the skateboard without wheels that uses futuristic technology to float inches above the ground. Rumors swirled in the ’80s and ’9…
Websites Going Dark to Protest Internet Bill
Tomorrow, January 18th, some of your favorite websites may not be available; why you ask? The Internet is striking to stop the  web censorship bills in Congress. I don't want to get all political, so the summary of SOPA would block websites that may contain pirated material or even links to said mat…
Samsung Smart Window – A Look Into The Future
This is the coolest window ever. It's actually a hell of a lot more than a window, just picture if your Ipad was a window. I can't even imagine what the cost of something would be but it can't be cheap that's for sure. What do you think, waste of money?
Building-Side Pinball Machine
In a world of PS3s and Cellphones that play 3D video, pinball machines aren't exactly making the headlines.  Unless of course the pinball machine is a building, cuz that's pretty effin sweet.
Amazing Samsung Communication Screen Video
It's amazing how far cell phones have come, considering that they've only been around the mainstream for under 20 years.  It's crazy to think what they'll be like 20 years from now, but the people at Samsung have an idea.  Take a look into the future.

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