Well my friends, sometimes my big mouth gets me in a little bit of trouble.  Last night, I was on my way home from work and stopped to get my girlfriend and I some Chinese food for dinner.  While waiting in line I updated my facebook status and then the fun began.

After waiting in line for a few minutes, I posted this update as I was getting a little bored waiting to place my order...

When in line to place a carry out order at a chinese restaurant, the place to search the menu for something you may like (since you made it clear this was the first time you've ever had chinese food) is way the hell out of the way...not at the register. -thank you, other hungry patrons that know what the hell we are doing!

Once I was able to place my order, I stood back by the door to wait for my food.  A couple minutes later, as I was standing by 7 other patrons, I heard a small chuckle from the guy I made the post about followed by an apologetic "Sorry Monroe."  Apparently, he was a listener that was on my friend list...

Update: when ranting on facebook about such situations, make sure said individual is not a listener on your friend list that also reads facebook in line. Its a lil uncomfortable. Sorry dude but its true. However, enjoy your first egg roll...try the kung pou next time.

In the end, the guy did not take any offense to my bitching on Facebook and I survived to live another day.  Check out the actual feed below.  Tree even predicted the future at the end of it.

Chris Monroe, Facebook