chris monroe

Try ‘The Smokin’ Monroe’ At Burgers & Brews [VIDEO]
Burgers & Brews is happening tomorrow in Buckham Alley in Downtown Flint. Tony, Maggie, Andrea, and me are all competing for the crown and my burger is going to change your life! Big thanks to Eric and the crew at Scooters Bar & Grill for helping create this deliciousness!
Classic Disney Video Explains Periods [VIDEO]
When I think about periods, the first person I think of is Walt Disney. Don't you? Well apparently old Walt felt strong enough about menstruation to produce a video on the subject. Let me tell you, this video was a great help to Chrissy Monroe, she had so many questions and this video answered …
Getting Bullied at Your Workplace? You’re Not Alone
Bullying isn’t just limited to kids on a playground — it also affects adults in the workplace. In fact, a recent poll found more than a third of American employees, 53 million in all, have been intimidated, harassed or threatened by a boss or co-worker.

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