If I got punched every time I looked at someone funny, I would have more of a pumpkin head than I already do! That being said, there are many times that YOU may want to hit a stranger. For instance, sometimes I want to punch people that take too long in line for something, or people that just wont shut the f*ck up!

But most of us do not act on impulse. Not the case for this guy. Bryant McClinton of Illinois, claims he hit a woman and knocked her down because she looked at him funny.

According to WGN-TV, McClinton and the unidentified victim were walking toward each other on a street when he punched her. The attack was witnessed by passersby and was captured on video surveillance.

Upon arrest, McClinton did in fact tell police the reason he punched her was, quote:

“Because she looked at him funny.''

Do you get points for being an honest idiot?