Paranoia ran deep last week in Royal Oak, Michigan, after a Twitter account claiming to be that of the local police department posted the following messages: “We know who you are and we are going to watch you,” as a reply to a medical marijuana post.

However, officials from the Royal Oak Police Department say they had nothing to do with the post because the force does not have a Twitter account. Police Lieutenant Dave Clemens said he was not aware of the phony Tweet until a reporter from the Royal Oak Tribune contacted him to ask about the department’s social media scare tactics.

Clemens says he is working with Twitter to have the fake account removed, and investigators within the department are trying to find the culprit responsible for creating it. “We’ll have to get records from Twitter,” he said. “If we identify who was behind it, we don’t know at this point whether there will be charges or not.”

Hmmm… that’s a new one for us: impersonating a law enforcement Twitter account. Times are changing.