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Michigan Police Now Using Drones to Spy on You
Michigan police will soon begin using drones to help shakedown citizens across the state. Earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Administration approved a measure that would allow local police squads to employ drones to assist with investigations.
Michigan Police Shoot Homeless Man 46 Times [VIDEO]
Michigan police have officially gone insane. In 2012, eight Saginaw cops held a 49-year-old mentally disabled man at gunpoint. It is apparent in the video, which was released Monday by the ACLU, that the man does not have the capacity to be a real threat, yet officers appear to be waiting for a reas…
Michigan Police Caught on Dash Cam Plotting to Kill Dog [VIDEO]
Warning: These videos are disturbing.
A Michigan woman has filed a lawsuit against the City of St. Clair Shores because the local police department murdered her dog. According to reports, Brittany Preston says two officers showed up at her grandfather’s house and shot her dog, Lexie, several ti…
Michigan Police Say Tweet About Marijuana Wasn’t Them
Paranoia ran deep last week in Royal Oak, Michigan, after a Twitter account claiming to be that of the local police department posted the following messages: “We know who you are and we are going to watch you,” as a reply to a medical marijuana post.