Detroit Lions 2011 Highlights
With the Super Bowl about a week away, it's hard to not imagine what it would be like if the Lions were in it.  And with no real games on this weekend, I figure everybody is jonesin' for some Silver And Honolulu Blue action.  Check out this highlight reel from this season.
The Best Fails Of 2011
Time to kick off the new year right.  Have a look all the people in the world sucking at life in 2011.  I'm sure most of these people are glad the year is over.  On the other hand, you know we will see a couple more videos of a few of these morons getting hurt again.  Sit back, relax and by the end …
Basketball Trick Shot Compilation 2011
I love this time of year because all of the top 10 lists and compilation videos start showing up.  This one isn't bad.  There are a couple shots that really aren't that impressive but the others are pretty damn good.  I'm not entirely sure where the hot dog and the bun …
2011 The Year In Review
There's only a few days left in 2011 and let's face the facts, it was a hell of a year.  Check out all the thing people were talking about in this Year In Review video I found.
Santa’s Sack Winners and Their Prizes
There is still a week and a half left in Santa's Sack 2011.  Check out some of our awesome winners and their prizes so far!
You still have time to win, just keep listening for your chance to call in and be caller 25.  You can also sign up online for a bonus chance to win!
Black Friday 2011 Chaos Caught On Tape
It amazes me how crazy some of these shoppers can be.  Here are a bunch of videos as to why I stay as far away from stores as possible on Black Friday!  Me personally, I'll pay the extra $20 to get the toy my kid wants if it keeps me from having to go toe to toe with some angry mother…
Santa’s Sack Returns Monday, November 28th
Santa just can't stay out of trouble so Banana 101.5 and G3C are here to save Christmas again!  Starting Monday, Nov. 28th listen for your chance to reach into Santa's Sack and pull out a gift.  Banana 101.5 has over $5,000 worth of prizes this year so check back Monday for detai…