Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Kicks The Avengers Asses
Let's face the facts, the Chuck Norris jokes got old.  But luckily, they got old a while ago, so now they are back and better than ever.  Check out this video of Chuck Norris kicking the Avengers asses.
Chuck Norris Plays Super Mario Brothers
The Chuck Norris jokes have been such a dead horse beating, that they've come back around to being funny. Check out the 8 bit version of Chuck Norris, spin kicks and beard included!
This Is How Chuck Norris Would Play Super Mario Bros.
If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are you know how the first level of Super Mario Bros. is played. That first level is etched into the heads of every video gamer, whether you played it on the original NES or not. Now imagine how that first level would have played out had it been martial arts lege…
Chuck Norris Joins The Cast Of ‘The Expendables’ Sequel
Sylvester Stallone revitalized the spirit of 80's action films with the first star-studded outing of 'The Expendables'. The sequel promises to be the single greatest action film of all-time, and I was saying that before the two latest additions to the cast: Chuck Norris and John Travo…