3 Year-Old Loves to Argue and Debate [VIDEO]
This little dude is cute as hell but really loves to argue and debate with his mother and damn, he's really good at it. It sounds like he's about to get a spanking and he's determined to debate his way out of it.
Two-Years Old Skateboarder is a Natural Pro [VIDEO]
At two-year-olds most kids are just learning how to not crap themselves, but like his American counterpart Trick Shot Titus, this one is already excelling at his chosen sport; Skateboarding. Kahlei Stone-Kelly, is a 2-year-old boy from Victoria, Australia, and is probably the world's youngest s…
A-hole Dad Laughs as Son Crashes Into Tree [VIDEO]
This is pretty funny because I'm not this little kid's father, if this was my kid I would have been freaking out. This kid goes head on and face first into a tree and dad just can't stop laughing. He wasn't seriously hurt but come on dude.
Group of Kids Nail Cover of Tool’s 46 & 2 [VIDEO]
I've heard bands that have been playing for 20 plus years attempt to cover songs by Tool and fail, miserably. Which is why I guess this story is all the more awesome, these kids who have way less experience than those other so-called "bands" killed it on this cover of 46 & 2.
Kid Has Ridiculous Meltdown Over Stepping In Dog Poop [VIDEO]
Stepping in dog crap is never fun. And while I personally don't remember how I reacted the first time it happened to me, I'm 99% sure that I did freak out and have a complete meltdown the way this kid did. Although it is pretty funny when he almost pukes...

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