Michigan Woman Shoots Man for Terrible Sex
In Michigan, not servicing your lady properly can get you shot. Just ask 58-years-old Sadie Bell who was recently convicted for shooting her boyfriend in the stomach because she felt his sexual performance was inadequate.
Michigan Prison Workers Caught Banging the Inmates
We never want to go to prison, but if we do make sure it is at the Ionia Correctional Facility here in Michigan -- the female prison staff likes to screw the inmates. At least that appears to be the case as recent reports have surfaced suggesting that four female kitchen employees have been fired fo…
14 Sex Facts You Won’t Believe Are True [VIDEO]
Of all the sex facts I have in front of me here, I think the one that is most important to point out is the one that talks about sperm and how it contains anti-wrinkle properties. I've been telling the ladies this for years and finally I have a little something to back up my case. Check out all…
Gummy Bear Sex Ends With Visit To The E. R. [VIDEO]
Meet Michael & Josi. This Tennessee couple appeared on TLC, with a very strange story to tell. The horny pair attempted to add a gummy bear into their sex life. This steamy story does not have a sweet ending, unless you think going to the emergency room is sexy.
Man Accused Of Having Sex With Pit Bull In Public
Ugh. I could of lived a good life without knowing anything about this idiot. But, since I now know his creepy story, you should too. Tampa resident, Bernard Marsonek is accused of having sex with a pitbull. Neighbors allegedly witnessed the act and called police.

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