‘Satanic panic’ has existed in music long before Tony Iommi played his first tritone. However, due to metal’s imagery, brutality and subject matter, many groups have jumped the gun to label an artist ‘Satanic.’ Here are 10 times they were dead wrong.

One of the greatest videos on YouTube was shot by Dimebag Darrell himself. While Pantera were chilling in their hotel on tour, a group of Christians came in and literally tried to exorcise demons from the Cowboys From Hell. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch, especially due to the fire effects added in post-production.

Marilyn Manson has been blamed for just about every negative event to happen since the early ‘90s. Religious groups were quick to claim Satan was doing his work through Manson, but in an iconic interview with Bill O’Reilly, the Antichrist Superstar brilliantly laughed off any Satanic stamp. Regardless of how well spoken Manson was, it hasn’t stopped religious groups from protesting his concerts around the country.

Burzum’s Varg Vikernes is many things, including a convicted murder and a noted white supremacist, but he’s no devil worshipper. In a video on his personal YouTube channel, Vikernes dismisses any ties with Satanism and even crushes the media’s perspective on Satanism in the world of ‘Satanic black metal.’

Check out these 10 Artists Wrongly Labeled as Satanic in the Loud List above.

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