This Loud List is one massive tribute to one of thrash’s most atmospheric and menacing bands, Slayer. Countless acts have covered the L.A. legends over the decades, and we’ve rounded up the 10 most powerful re-imaginings of Slayer cuts.

Ever heard Cradle of Filth’s gothic rendition of “Hell Awaits”? The extreme metal band has taken a few dynamics from Slayer, notably the use of speed and infernal sonic landscapes, and it shows in this cover. Dani Filth maintains a rapid-fire delivery with his trademark guttural, while CoF’s instrumental section lays down Slayer’s parts at a ripping pace.

Perhaps the most famous Slayer cover is Vader’s version of “Raining Blood.” The song has been a staple of Vader’s live show since the late ‘90s, being featured prominently on Live in Japan and Night of the Apocalypse. Piotr Wiwczarek’s distinguished guttural vocals add another uncomfortable layer to “Raining Blood,” adding another hazardous edge to the immortal song.

We need to talk about Tori Amos for a second. The singer-songwriter launched into an experiment called Strange Little Girls in 2001, where she covered songs originally sung by men. Track 11 is a piano rendition of “Raining Blood,” performed at a snail’s pace. It’s a beautiful cover, but Amos’ approach is also uncomfortable — a feeling Slayer fans are all too comfortable with.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Covers of Slayer Songs in the Loud List above.

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