Live television was once the conduit for bringing rock ’n’ roll into the homes of millions, but things certainly have changed, haven’t they? As we yearn for the good old days, let’s check out some of the greatest rock moments in the history of live TV.

The MTV Video Music Awards was the central hub for live rock in the ‘90s, producing some truly unforgettable moments. Pushing the boundaries of conventional taste, MTV allowed Marilyn Manson to deliver an anti-religious ‘State of the Union’ address, where he dismissed “the fascism of Christianity” and “the fascism of beauty.” It was extremely powerful, as was Nirvana’s iconic performance of “Lithium,” which almost got taken off the air when Kurt Cobain began strumming the chords to “Rape Me.”

Few performances scream “Rock Gods!” more than Queen’s set at Live Aid 1985. With just 25 minutes to play, Queen roared through one of the most powerful gigs in history, and it was all broadcast live throughout the world. Now that the show can be watched on-demand via YouTube, the performance will forever live on as the moment Queen became the undisputed heavyweight champions of rock ’n’ roll.

Not all of these moments are performances, though Dee Snider’s surgical destruction of the PMRC could certainly be considered one. Dee’s entire testimony is must-watch stuff, as the Twisted Sister icon defended heavy metal as a whole, serving a hot plate of logic to Al Gore himself, whose wife Tipper was intent on blacklisting “offensive” content in music. You can’t help but wonder how hot under the collar Al Gore was when Snider accused the politician’s wife of searching for S&M references for her own perverted mind.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Rock Moments in Live TV History in the Loud List above.

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