If you could Frankenstein the perfect drummer, it would have John Bonham’s arms and Tomas Haake’s legs. For this Loud List, we rounded up 10 unreal moments from Meshuggah’s monster percussionist.

Haake’s signature drum beat is undoubtedly “Bleed.” The polyrhythmic piece has been the scourge of uncoordinated drummers for over a decade, but somehow, Haake makes the seven-minute song sound easy. “Bleed” is a masterclass in double kick and Wincent Drumsticks caught some incredible footage.

From Meshuggah’s most recent album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, “Clockworks” is another baffling composition. Haake often writes his drum beats before the band put anything else together. Like many ‘Shuggah greats, “Clockworks” is highly focused around Tomas’ playing and often takes most of the listener’s attention.

Haake isn’t just a rhythm machine, the guy can get down with fills all day. We included one great drum solo clip of the Meshuggah anchor jamming free on the kit, letting his rock ’n’ roll and jazz influences take hold.

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