You're never too old to get a tattoo.

103-years-old Dorothy Pollack of Muskegon recently got her first-ever tattoo. It was just one of many things on her bucket list.

According to CNN, she celebrated her birthday back in June in a nursing home where she spent months in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Her granddaughter said it was a very difficult time for Dorothy.

The nurse in the home said she was horribly depressed and we needed to get her out. We couldn't see her so we had no idea how she really was. She's extremely hard of hearing so phone calls were not helpful.

After she was discharged from the nursing home, one of the first things she wanted to do was get a tattoo.

Dorothy Pollack:

It was pretty exciting because years ago my grandson wanted me to get one and I wouldn't do it. All of a sudden, I decided I would like to have one. And if I could, a frog. Because I like frogs.

Apparently, she loves frogs as much as she loves beer and burgers.

She recently sat down with Ray Reasoner Jr., who tattooed Pollack at A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing in Muskegon and got her first-ever piece. He said she was really excited and absolutely loved her new ink.

Next on her bucket list was to ride on a motorcycle and that's exactly what she did.

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