If you're looking for an exit strategy at any of your upcoming holiday parties, just drop one of these gems and you'll be shown the door in no time.

Holiday parties can be fun, but they can also be incredibly awkward. Some people look forward to these types of engagements, while others get roped into them out of obligations to their co-workers, friends, or family. For a lot those folks, having a good time is a roll of the dice.

Luckily for them (and us), 2017 was probably the most divisive, firenado-at-the-landfill next-to-the-toxic-waste-plant year we've seen in a long time. With so many polarizing things going on in the news and pop culture, It's not going to take much for you to strike a raw nerve in a social setting.

We've decided to list a few of the most offensive opinions you can utter in public, just in case your holiday party is so wack you need to pull the ripcord immediately. In no particular order, they are:



#1. "Are you nuts? Blake Shelton might be the sexiest man of all time!"


#2. "This uproar over Net Neutrality is ridiculous. We've been underpaying for cable and internet for far too long."


#3. "That sucks about Tom Petty. 'Space Cowboy' is one of my favorite songs."


#4. "Tonight's dinner is served! Whenever you're ready, head on over to the build-your-own Boca Burger station."


#5. "I loved the Chicago episode, but the rest of Stranger Things 2 was unwatchable garbage."


#6. "Don't you think people are being kind of unfair to the Nazis?"


#7. "Nickelback's 'Feed the Machine' might be the best album of this generation."


#8. "I think we should talk about politics."


#9. "I hated Wonder Woman."


#10. "In Harvey Weinstein's defense..."


#11. "The Earth is flat and I can prove it."


#12. "Who the hell is Harambe?"


#13. Click the gallery below, but beware of Justice League spoilers.