Since Mid-Michigan's first big snowstorm decided to drop the day before 'The Last Jedi,' I decided to illustrate my feels about driving in this mess with GIFs.

Driving to work in this kind of snow is one thing, and depending on the nature of your job or how much vacation time you have left -- you might not even have to do it. On the other hand, there are no sick days for 'The Last Jedi.' For some of us, seeing it on opening night for the first showing is the only hope we have at avoiding spoilers.

Unfortunately, we foolishly bought tickets for the fancy recliner-having, beer-serving theater that's 30 minutes away, which is now probably an hour away. Since the prospect of an hour-long drive in questionable road conditions with a bunch of non-driving ass, "We've never seen snow before," Michiganders that magically appear after the first snowfall is mentally exhausting at this moment -- I decided to portray my struggle via GIF.

This one goes out to everybody that woke up this morning and died a little bit on the inside when they realized they had to drive to work in this s--t. We feel you.

Pretending You Don't Hear Your Alarm


Trying to Get Up


Looking Out the Window Like

Going Through All the Stages of Grief in 1 Minute












Stepping Outside


Scraping Your Windshield


Getting in the Driver Seat


Taking That Breath Before Throwing It in Drive


Pulling Out of the Driveway


Sliding to That First Stop


Driving by the First Person in a Ditch and Saying "Dumbass"


Realizing It's All Good


Remember That Time We Saw Some Crazy Stuff in the Snow?