This is a video from back in July but it is still cool as hell.

Intel has really explored the ability to use drones to put on a sweet light show. They initially set a record with a display using 1,218 drones to light up the sky. They decided to beat that record with 1,500 for this just back in July.

The shows are a lot like fireworks displays with a few exceptions. First of all, the designers are able to make very elaborate scenes in the sky. Second, even though it is an awesome sight, I would be annoyed by the lack of earth-shattering kabooms like you get with fireworks. Finally, a typical firework show can't turn against you. Once these drones become self-aware, it will be a scene like a movie. The last image in the sky will something like "You're F***** Now" before they start attacking and take over civilization.

At least we get to see something cool before we are terminated.


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