It's no big secret that I'm a huge fan of horror movies, that's why JC3 is the next movie on my checklist for 2011. In a year where green things and robots will snag everyone's attention, I'll be awaiting the return of "The Creeper".

#3.Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral: I might be alone in this (even amongst fans of horror) but I love the Jeepers Creepers movies. The  demon cannibal  nicknamed "The Creeper" is one of the last original creations as far as horror villains go. Granted there are some similarities to Stephen King's IT (The Creeper returns every 23 years to feed for 23 days, Pennywise returned to feed every 30 years) but it's not a direct rip-off. If your gonna steal, why not steal from the best?

There were some genuinely terrifying moments in the first movie. Without the cheeseball humor peppered throughout, it would've been much more effective. You do need laughs in a  horror film, but I don't particularly like writer Victor Salva's brand of  humor. The sequel was no where near as good as the first one, but it did have enough killing to keep me interested.

Eight years later Salva is ready to bring The Creeper back to the big screen (or direct to DVD, jury is still out on that) in a film set 23 years after the original; 2024. Hopefully there isn't too much focus on it being a "future" movie. In my 25 year film watching career I've seen that concept fail too many times (where is my hoverboard McFly?!). Gina Phillips reprises her role as Trish from JC1 and Ray Wise is returning as Jack Taggart Sr. from JC2. The story will center on Trish's fear that Old Creepy is going to come after her son Darry (who she named after her brother that he ate in the first movie). Jack Taggart will probably be on the hunt after the creature if the ending of the second movie is any indication. Also the film promises to shed some light on The Creeper's origin. If you haven't seen either movie, keep an eye on you're cable guide. One of them will pop up sooner or later, I saw the original on Syfy and AMC in the last month. Is Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral gonna make 800 million bucks? No, but I'd watch the next 6 installments of this franchise before I pay to see Avatar or another Transformers CGI shit storm. MGM hit rock bottom recently but it shouldn't affect the release of a small film like JC3. Here is a "highlight reel" of  The Creeper I found online.