This past Friday night around 10 pm, 4 girls from ages 11 to 14 were leaving a Speedway gas station when they noticed they were being followed by a man.

According to ABC12, 22-year-old Tuscola County man Bruce Hipkins was seen on surveillance cameras inside the Speedway gas station watching the girls. This sick piece of crap then followed them across the street and grabbed the youngest girl around the head and told her she was coming with him. These quick thinking girls started kicking and hitting Hipkins and even threw their hot coffee on him. He let go of the younger girl and then grabbed another one by the hair. The girls continued to beat on him until he let go and took off.

The Millington Police Department reported that a description of the suspect was given out after police arrived on the scene. Millington Township Deputy Spangler was able to locate the suspect walking North on M15 near Ellis. Hipkins was taken into custody at the Tuscola County Jail.

Luckily these girls escaped unharmed. I do wonder why these young girls were out at 10 pm and drinking coffee but I guess that's an entirely different topic. The main thing is, they're safe.