Tomorrow, Saturday, October 17th is Sweetest Day. I know you may be saying - oh brother, it's a Hallmark holiday, or just a second Valentine's Day. I get it, but your significant other may not. He or she may be secretly hoping you remember the day, and buy a present. I can help with that.

I have already reminded you about the date, and now I am going to help you with gift ideas. I stand behind all of my suggestions. Especially the gift of wieners, I mean Koegel's. As you can tell, I prefer non-traditional gifts. There are a lot of local gifts you can buy of course, these are just the first five that came to my mind.

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I did not include a dinner out, but that would be a nice way to show the love of your life you appreciate him or her. If you are rolling in two relationships at one time (as in cheating), I cannot help you. Get out of one of them, and get your life together. That topic is a post for another day.

My choices for Sweetest Day gifts are Machine Shop Gear, a pack of Koegel's, a growler of beer from Tenacity Brewing, a dozen donuts from Donna's Donuts, and coffee from Flint Coffee. All of the above are very affordable, and very cool. Who wouldn't love a gift from one of these fine Flint establishments?

In case my boyfriend Nick is reading this, I will take one of everything.


5 Flint Sweetest Day Gifts


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