I am not one of those people that are happy to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I prefer the summer months. I prefer shorts over a sweater any day. That being said, I am not crying because it is fall (I will wait for the first day of winter to do that).

A favorite fall activity is going to an orchard and cider mill for a lot of people - but not my guy Nick. I asked him last weekend if he wanted to go to one, he said no and looked at me like I was crazy for asking. I said 'I want to go to Spicer Orchards - they have wine.- then it made total sense to him. He still did not take me, but there is always this weekend right?

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Since I already mentioned Spicer Orchards - I will just say it, they are my favorite orchard because they have a winery. Sorry, not sorry. I have love for all orchards, but I would much rather have a glass of wine before and after picking out my pumpkin, instead of a doughnut.

I recently listened to a Dax Shepard podcast, and he mentioned Diehl's Orchard and Cider Mill. You may or may not know, Dax grew up in Michigan. On the podcast, he talked about still going to Diehl's every year for cider and doughnuts. How cool is that?

I grew up in Linden, so you know I had to mention Mueller's Orchard on my list too. It sure has changed since I was a kid, but has definitely kept its charm, and delicious apples and cider too. Rounding out my list are Past Tense in Lapeer, and Montrose Orchards. Both orchards of course offer cider and doughnuts, but Past Tense also makes homemade fudge, and you have to try a pie from Debbie's Kitchen at Montrose Orchards.

Make the most of the fall season, eat a doughnut, drink cider or wine, and go pick yourself a pumpkin. Enjoy.

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