The Linden Police Department is looking for any help they can get in identifying the thieves.

Sometime between October 6th and 10th, thieves stopped into Spicer Orchard to steal apples right off the trees. These jerks apparently stripped the apples off of five acres worth of trees. In total, they stole about 7,000 pounds worth of apples, which translates into $14,000 or $15,000 in business for Spicer Orchards.

The owners of Spicer Orchards do have trail cameras out in the fields, but unfortunately, those cameras are pointed away from the crops during hunting season. Tire tracks were found in the grass near where the apples were stolen and they suggest that two or three trucks were used to steal the crops.

Sadly, Spicer Orchards does not have insurance for this as it has never happened before. If anyone has any information about the incident they are urged to call the Linden Police Department at 810-735-5454.