Flint Township police are now investigating.

Novie Teeple took her car to the Muffler Man on Corunna Road for repairs. She came back more than a week later to find that items had been stolen from the inside of her car, including a necklace with a locket that held her late daughter's ashes.

Her daughter, Izabellah Ayiana Flores, passed away three years ago after an illness. Novie kept some of her ashes in a silver locket that has flowers and an orange and yellow butterfly on it. The text on it says "In God's Presence."

Apparently, there have been quite a few break-ins at that Muffler Man location recently, even though the lot is gated. They told ABC 12 that the theft is unfortunate; however, there's a sign posted indicating that the "company is not responsible for personal items left in the vehicle."

Novie is offering a $300 reward for the necklace with no questions asked.

"So this is a long shot but my daughter who passed away ashes in a necklace was taken out of my car from muffler man on Corunna Rd I always ride with her yes my fault I didn't take it out the car but I always leave it in there but muffler man also should have locked my doors i don't care who took it I don't care to press charges I just want it back yes I have more ashes and can get another one but it's just the fact of that is my child in that charm my baby girl please if anyone sees anyone with it or anything please tell them you will buy it I will pay you for it please I just want it back
Please please please share
Edit it has IAF on the back for Izabellah Ayiana Flores

If you have any information about the necklace, you can contact ABC 12 at (810) 233-3130 or contact Novie directly through her Facebook page by clicking HERE.

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