The Flint Weather Ball just had another facelift, with the letters being changed from "FM" to "HB" after just five years of wearing the former. Honestly, what they went with was way less exciting than the list of rejected ideas for the landmark's latest redesign.

On November 10th, 2013, the letters "CB" were removed from the Flint Weather Ball. As of April 26th, 2018, and our most well-known landmark has a new face. That's right, kids. For the second time in a decade, the entity formerly known as Citizen's Bank has changed hands, this time from FirstMerit Bank to Huntington Bank.

This latest acquisition took place in late 2016, but they just now switched over the Weather Ball letters. I was kind of hoping they'd leave the "FM" and just let us pretend it stands for Flint, Michigan, but you know companies -- always wanting to put their name and logo on stuff. I guess we could just pretend the "HB" stands for something else, like "Half Baked," "Hey, Bitch," or "Haters' Ball," but where's the fun in that?

Instead, I've taken the list of the six "rejected" redesign ideas for the weather ball from 5 years ago and added the ones from this time around. I mean, a lot has happened here in the last five years, so obviously, there were a bunch of new ideas for updating the old ball. In the end, they went with the old two letters approach -- riveting, I know -- but join us as we imagine what could've been...

  • 11


    "FM" was kind of cool because we could pretend it stood for "Flint, Michigan." Slapping an 810 on it would be taking that idea one step further.

  • 10

    Sorry, We're Closed

    That should keep the haters out.

  • 9

    Banana Logo

    We put that s**t on everything.

  • 8

    Bat Signal

    ***New for 2018***

    If you've watched 'Flint Town' on Netflix (or just spent more than 5 minutes here), you're well aware that our police could use some help. Speaking of...

  • 7

    A Netflix Original

    ***New for 2018***

    It's basically a giant advertisement, but how is that different from putting a bank's initials up there?

  • 6

    Flint Coney

    Why not serve the curve to the whole city? Yeah, that bitch is made with a Koegel Vienna.

  • 5

    Flint Weather Bong

    Not only would this more accurately represent the people of Flint, but think of the possibilities! You could have it bubble when it rains and smoke when it's hot.

  • 4

    16' Super Steak, Cheese & Mushroom

    ***New For 2018***

    There is perhaps nothing more Flint than giant ass sub from Big John Steak & Onion.

  • 3

    LEGO Al Kessel

    You can't tell me that Al Kessel wasn't the man. Whenever it's going to be cold out, instead of turning blue he could throw a pork roast like he used to in the commercials.

  • 2

    Flint Water Bottle

    ***New For 2018***

    I say we keep it up until ALL the people of Flint have water that's safe.

  • 1

    Hey, Big Girl

    ***New For 2018***

    She could use the work. She hasn't had a job since the Colonial closed down.


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