It's so easy to leave things in your car, we all do it all the time. Did you know there are some things that you never want to leave in your car during bitter cold temps like what we've been seeing lately?

Here's a list of seven things that must come out of your vehicle in subzero temps.

  • Cellphones/Computers- I'm going to group cellphones, iPads, and laptops altogether because the results are pretty much the same. Electronic gadgets, particularly those powered by lithium-ion batteries, are not suited for these brutal temps. The iPhone or iPad will lose battery life extremely fast in cold weather. When it comes to laptops, it's the condensation that can ruin your screen and battery.


  • Beer/Soda-I think it's safe to say, we all know what happens when we leave beer or soda on the porch when it's extremely cold. It's either explodes or the pressure forces the top off and huge mess follows. The same will happen if you leave them in your vehicle and that's one mess you don't want to have to deal with. This includes plastic, aluminum, and glass.


  •  Canned Foods-The result with canned foods is very similar to beer and soda. According to the USDA, a broken can seal will cause spoilage. If canned food freezes, allow it to thaw in a refrigerator. "If the product doesn't look and/or smell normal, throw it out. Whatever you do, don't eat it!


  • Eggs- The USDA also suggests not leaving shell eggs in subzero temps because the egg will freeze inside and then the shells will crack when the yolk expands. Again, another mess on your hands. If an egg accidentally freezes and the shell cracks during freezing, discard the egg.


  • Musical Instruments- This is something I've always know since I grew up around musicians my whole life. If you're new to the music world and possibly a beginner musician, you've probably already realized the instrument will go out of tune. If your instrument is made of wood it could end up cracking or worse.


  • Medication-According to USA Today, some medications can be affected by low temperatures. "Drugs like insulin can lose their effectiveness if they freeze. The same goes for any so-called suspended medication that has to be shaken before use. I'm sure if it's in pill form with no liquid inside, you shouldn't have an issue. At the end of the day, you should really never leave medication in your car anyway in case of theft.


  • Bowling Balls-I only list this because I love to bowl I've had to deal with the result of leaving your bowling ball in your car during cold weather. You see, in warm weather, high temperatures will soften the ball which creates extra hook. It's the opposite in the winter. The harder ball will skid more and hook less plus your hand will shrink in the cold and swell back to normal inside.

There's really a lot of stuff that you shouldn't leave in your car with these brutal temps including loved ones. I think this is common sense so that's why I didn't include on the list. You should NEVER leave kids or pets in your vehicle this time of year. No matter how much we preach this, there are still so many losers that will still do this and they'll pay the unfortunate cost for their actions.


Source: Apple, WDIV, USDA, and USA Today

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