An 88-year-old man is being charged with attempting to kill his wife of 60 years. His wife is suffering from dementia and he wanted to end her suffering. Well, now show she's also suffering from a fractured skull.

According to WNEM, Martin Turkiewicz walked into his wife's room at in a western New York nursing home last Saturday and hit Rita Turkiewicz in the head with a hammer.

The woman is in fair condition at a Buffalo hospital while the man is free on bail and was ordered to stay away from his wife.

I've never personally had to deal with a loved one that was suffering from dementia but from what I understand, it's extremely hard and heartbreaking. It just seems a hammer to the head is a bit on the harsh side. It's just so sad that after 60 years of marriage, this is how they end up.

I can tell you right now if I ever end up suffering from dementia, please take me out of my misery...just don't do it with a hammer.


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