Every year we see Michiganders on social media voicing their opinions on whether or not teens should be allowed to go trick or treating. Well, it's that time of year again.

Everyone does seem to have an opinion on the topic for some weird reason. It's kind of funny to see how mad some people get about teens going out trick or treating.

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Is there an actual ordinance/rule that can stop those pesky teenagers from asking for candy? I mean, how old is "too old" to go trick or treating?

Those questions may sound kind of goofy but for some reason, not everyone knows the answer.

Is There an Age Restriction for Trick or Treaters in Michigan?

The answer to that question is no. At this time there is no age restriction for trick-or-treaters in the state of Michigan.

While the idea of having restrictions on trick-or-treaters may sound ridiculous, there are some places that have such rules or bans in place.

Age Restrictions in Other Cities

In Chesapeake, Virginia, kids who are 13 or older, are restricted from trick or treating. If kids that are older than 13 are caught asking for candy, according to WZZM13, they could be fined $25-$100. Come on, that is so over the top.

I just saw the other day that there's a town in Canada with similar restrictions. However, in that town, you can trick or treat until you're 16. However, they have a heftier fine of $200 if caught over the legal age.

Come See Me On Halloween

Honestly, I could care less how old someone is that comes to my door on Halloween. If you're a teenager and you want to score some free candy, swing by my place, and I'll hook you up.

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