Alter Bridge may be taking the upcoming year off, but they've prepared a nice little parting gift for fans with the newly expanded version of their latest album 'AB III'.

Alter Bridge are pumping the breaks in 2012. The hiatus is planned in order to make room for a Creed album and tour, a possible Mark Tremonti solo album, and vocalist Myles Kennedy's work on Slash's upcoming solo record.

The band has just announced the October 25th release date for the special edition of their latest album, 'AB III.5'. The new additions to the disc include three bonus tracks, some of which were included on different versions of the original album.

Also included is 'One by One', a DVD documentary on the band featuring globe-spanning concert footage and new interviews with the band, Slash, fans, and Alter Bridge's management.

AB III.5 Tracklist

01.  'Slip To The Void'
02.  'Isolation'
03.  'Ghost Of Days Gone By'
04.  'All Hope Is Gone'
05.  'Still Remains'
06.  'Make It Right'
07.  'Wonderful Life'
08.  'I Know It Hurts'
09.  'Show Me A Sign'
10.  'Fallout'
11.  'Breathe Again'
12.  'Couer d'Alene'
13.  'Life Must Go On'
14.  'Words Darker Than Their Wings'
15.  'Zero' (bonus track)
16.  'Home' (bonus track)
17.  'Never Born To Follow' (bonus track)



'Never Born to Follow'