Amazon is expanding its in-garage delivery service to more cities across the country and that includes part of Southeast Michigan.

The service is exactly what it sounds like, Amazon would have access to your garage and would place your packages inside rather than on your porch. This would keep your packages from being stolen or from getting wet during poor weather conditions. You'd also no longer need to interact with drivers so in a way you would be practicing social distancing.

According to WDIV, The service was first launched in 50 cities and now has expanded to more than 4,000 cities. Eligible Prime members with a myQ smart garage door opener can link the myQ App with Key and then select the “FREE In-Garage Delivery” option when they order something from Amazon’s website.

Amazon claims that drivers would get one-time access to your garage, there would be comprehensive background checks on drivers, they would only be allowed 5 feet into your garage, and you could watch deliveries being made on a camera that you'd have to buy.

I get why they're offering this and can appreciate it but there's no way I would want my packages delivered this way. I've watched too many videos with delivery drivers doing awful things to people's property and their packages. I just don't think I could trust them to do their job appropriately.

Thank you but I'll have to pass on this.

Click here to find out if Amazon is offering this service in your area.

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