If you've been wanting to get a job with Amazon, there's no time like the present. Earlier today the company announced that they are going to hire another100,000 people to keep up with the surge of online orders.

Starting pay at Amazon is $15 an hour, which is a solid start. Here's the real kicker, the company is offering $1,000 sign-on bonuses in some cities where it may be harder to find workers, Detroit included.

According to WXYZ, the new hires will help pack, ship or sort orders, working in part-time and full-time roles. Amazon said the jobs are not related to its typical holiday hiring.

Amazon also has 33,000 corporate and tech jobs that need to be filled as well.

Amazon isn't the only company hiring because of the surge of online orders. UPS is also planning on bringing 100,000 people on board to help deliver packages during the holiday.

I think the reason behind their need to hire more employees is because of the surge of online orders from my girlfriend Angelique. I swear there are 5-10 packages that get delivered to our house every single day. She's one of those people that order clothes online and then sends them back if she doesn't like them. If I order clothes online, I keep them regardless because I"m too lazy to repack it and send it back.

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