Amazon just announced that they will be selling a microwave for $60 that is compatible with the voice recognition program Alexa.

The company said that the device will be ready to ship by Christmas and is a WiFi capable device that will also include the Dash Replenishment Service. Which ultimately means that you can reorder your popcorn directly from Alexa and the microwave. How freaking cool is that.

Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices Dave Limp said during the press conference that the company decided to add the Alexa capability to the microwave in part that the appliance is stuck in the late 70's.

You will still need an Amazon echo or dot nearby in order for the microwave to work. The microwave will have a touchscreen interface that will have and ask Alexa option. I own quite a few Amazon smart devices in my home and I am looking forward to adding a microwave to the mix soon.


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