A new movie filmed in Michigan will make its debut in theaters next week. 'An Intrusion,' which was shot in Detroit, will premier in Novi on November 11th, a couple of weeks ahead of its mainstream release on November 26th.

We've included the trailer for the film below. (Second video)

Director and writer Nicholas Holland and producer and actor Sam Logan Khaleghi are both Detroit natives. They're featured in an interview with WDIV-TV in the first video below.

An Intrusion centers on a husband who ends an affair with one of his coworkers, then has to contend with a stranger who is stalking his 16-year-old daughter, and implying that he's aware of a deep dark secret. Holland likens the movie as "a stalker thriller with character drama like 'Fatal Attraction' or 'The Strangers.'"

As the movie progresses, the husband then tries to figure out who his daughter's stalker is while keeping his affair from his family.

Khaleghi notes that he and Holland felt that it was important to support the local economy by filming the movie in Michigan.

"Ultimately we really wanted to be a part of building the creative economy here in Michigan and Detroit, we're from here, we love it here," Khaleghi says. "There's so much of our personal identidy that is uniquely Detroit and we said, 'No matter what we're going to stick around and we're going to make movies here.'"

Khaleghi went on to praise people from the area who helped with the filming of the area saying that local talent rivals that found in Hollywood.

'An Intrusion' premiers at Emagine Theatres in Novi on November 11th and will be released nationwide on November 26th.


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