Are you kidding me? Someone had 26 dogs in a mobile home? WTF?

According to ABC 12, the dogs were removed from a home last night (August 6th), by the Saginaw County Animal Control, and police. The residence is reportedly located on Apollo Drive in Buena Vista Township (Saginaw County).

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I should mention, the mobile home park name was not mentioned in the initial report. I did Google the address, and ABC 12 did post a picture. My eyes are not the best, but it is indeed a mobile home park in the photo.

I don't know how long this animal cruelty investigation has been going on - but I would think (and hope), not long. How could a person or people keep that many dogs in such a small space, and not be found out right away? I would think it would be difficult to hide that many dogs, and keep them quiet.

In my opinion, anyone who is cruel a dog, or any animal for that matter - has some serious issues. Also, why do people keep that many animals if they cannot take care of them properly? I don't get it.

If you know of any animals in danger, please contact the nearest animal control to you. Here are few numbers, but you can always Google if you are not in the following areas,

No information on the condition of the dogs has been released, and at this time - no arrests have been made. I will certainly keep you posted on that as more details are revealed.

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