In my humble home town of Rochester Hills, MI, there are seldom off the wall stories that will floor you. For real, it's like a giant shopping mall. Everywhere you turn in Rochester Hills there's another mini mall. It's grown a lot since I first moved there in 1989. But for the upper middle class town, sometimes some really weird things can happen, which is the case with this week's "What The Trash" moment.

Apparently a 24 year old dude wielding a large ax walked into the 7-11 store in Rochester Hills. He then dropped the weapon and walked behind the counter to confront some poor soul who happened to be scheduled for that shift. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office then said that the man "took the clerk’s glasses off, threw them, and began staring at his face very closely."

After the altercation the man walked back around the counter, opened a bag of chips and just started eating them. While this was happening, the clerk kicked the ax under the shelves and was then able to contact the police for help. When police arrived at the scene the suspect was standing outside the store but was apparently unresponsive, which is when police took him into custody.

The mother of the suspect arrived later to inform all interested parties that unfortunately her son was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and has been off his medication for months. The suspect was later moved to Troy Beaumont Hospital for a committal and a medical evaluation, according to reports.

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