Some history happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday. For the first time in 33 years, an American won the race. Desiree Linden crossed the finish line first for the women with a time of two hours, 39 minutes, and 53 seconds. 

Desiree Linden, who lives in Rochester Hills, beat the second place runner by over four minutes. Even though she had the slowest time since 1978 for the women's first-place finisher, she still beat the rest of the field. When it comes to running races, every second counts. Back in 2011, she took second place at the Boston Marathon by losing only by two seconds.

The last American woman to win was Lisa Larden Weidenbach back in 1985.

Honestly, I have nothing but respect for anyone that can finish a marathon. I have run a half-marathon and a 15-mile Warrior Dash and those just about killed me. Congratulations to Desiree on a job well done!

Source: ABC News

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